Ballistic Overkill – Dev Talk #00

Hey guys,

Yesterday we published our first Ballistic Overkill dev talk. It is a bit long but worth watching. Our plan is to get more members of the team to tell you about their areas of expertises and to bring you updates as we delve deeper into this revamped version of the game.

Ballistic! Wait, what?

In my previous post I talked about Ballistic going to Steam. Afterwards I realized you may have never heard about it. I’m here today to amend my text and give you an overview of the game, focusing on its production history.

Ballistic is a class based First Person Shooter being developed by Aquiris Game Studio, a brazilian company based in Porto Alegre. The game’s first prototype was created during 2010. Back then we were working with Aeria Games to bring a high quality FPS to browsers – formerly known as Critical Mass. You can check one of our first teasers below.

After a while we changed the game’s name and improved most of the systems. The now called Quantum Conflict had a real time opening cinematic, new UI and revamped network implementation. I’ll save technical details for an upcoming post. I couldn’t find a better video to display the opening scene, in any case it is worth watching even in low resolution.

If you’re interested in knowing the full story, the video above is part of our presentation at Unite 2011. We were talking about the challenge that is to develop a game of this size and Electrotank – our network solution provider – was there telling the community how their products made it easy for us to achieve good results with very limited resources.

Time went by and we were no longer working with Aeria Games. Our new publisher was Rumble Entertainment. We changed most of the game’s directives and instead of hosting it in a standalone site we went after proven and widely used platforms. You were now able to play on Facebook, Kongregate, Yahoo Games and some others. We embraced the Free to Play philosophy and once again implemented the UI from scratch. All the changes required us to change the game title once more and there you have it: Ballistic!

Once more our hard work took us to the next level. We retrieved the game’s IP (intellectual property) and will be publishing it on Steam. You can even take a look at the game’s recently published Steam Store page! Hopefully you now have a better idea of what Ballistic is. In my future posts I’ll talk about technology choices, methodologies that worked – and didn’t work – during the making of this game. The game title’s changed a bit for our Steam release. Ballistic will be called Ballistic Overkill during this new journey.

If I learnt anything during my 8+ years as a game developer is that sharing knowledge is a must if we want our industry to mature, so I’ll try to give my contribution through this blog.


Ballistic is going to Steam

So, I’ve been away from my blog for quite a while now. A lot of work and lack of self organization were the main reasons. I was about to drop it completely but checking the stats I saw I still get some traffic (10~15 daily unique users) and due to that I decided to keep the site active. First thing you’ll notice is that I’m writing in English. I believe game developers – and programmers in general – should know English well in order to get good job positions and be able to access knowledge. As you may or may not know, most of the knowledge for computer related areas is available in English only. Let me know if you guys believe I should keep some content in Portuguese otherwise I’ll write just in English from now on. You’ll also notice that I removed all Portuguese content from the site. I hope to get it back online as soon as I translate everything – and filter out outdated articles.


Today I came to give you some good news: Ballistic is going to Steam! That’s something all developers dream off and we’re finally moving toward it. New challenges to the Aquiris’ team. Once again, a good challenge. I’ll try to keep a stream of development content related – or not – to Ballistic. Guess you and me can both benefit from this.


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